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Introducing Talla Amini - the founder of Fuelicious!

Specialized in designing and creating delectable desserts, she is known for her contribution to health and wellness. Her product line includes protein-filled brownies, cookies, and cakes. The best part is that they all are baked so that each serving is below the 400-calorie line. Talla caters to all individuals looking to curb their sweet tooth with the most high-quality, low-sugar, high-protein desserts available in the market.

Some of Talla's past happy clients have included Professional IFBB bodybuilders, beauty pageant contestants, master skincare estheticians, and directors, breast cancer patients and families of the greater Seattle area, adults, and children diagnosed with diabetes, and children who have been diagnosed with autism.

“Her Sterling Academic Background Makes Fuelicious A Testified Choice.”

 Talla holds a Master's Degree in education from the University of Washington in Seattle. She graduated with an outstanding GPA as well as many volunteer hours under her belt. During her time as a volunteer, Talla provided high-quality education to children from low-income backgrounds, as well as children who have been clinically diagnosed with learning impairments. While she was a volunteer at different schools in the greater Seattle area, she was able to learn how to create delectable desserts. This Naturally tends to gravitate children towards her treats. The most appreciative part is that the desserts help them stay in shape and raise their awareness of how to make healthy choices at a young age.

She is beyond grateful for her education and has been a respected teacher. She has great passion as well as determination and devotion to fitness and nutrition. She feels blessed and thankful for all she has accomplished in the health field.

Talla is a devoted fitness and nutrition advocate. Fitness Model, and 6x Bikini Champion, She is always on the lookout for the newest way to transform delicious desserts into delectable, nutritious, delightful tastes of health. Her customers are always treated with top priority. Her products are available for customization and she caters to any macronutrient-specific requests.

“Talla Is About To Undertake A Journey From Health To Taste.”

The support is beyond admirable appreciation. It is Talla's pleasure and honor to cater to her customers and develop the taste of nutritional satisfaction. She offers her products to everyone young and old, coming from a variety of health backgrounds.

Talla's biggest motivation comes from creating fun, nutritious desserts that nourish adults and children. Her food helps them live their life to the healthiest, fullest potential. Happily recruited to serve in the health field, Talla extols all her accomplishments and is ardently determined to make her way to fitness and nutrition. Please feel free to read some fantastic testimonials added to our website. Come and join Talla for deliciously satisfying desserts at Fuelicious 

Satisfying your sweet tooth,